#WalkinRed 2015 Autism Acceptance Day

Each person succeeds, due to each yearning for understanding.

Accept me as I am, full of love and knowledge.

Love me unconditionally, instead of talking about me without including my thoughts on (the) subject.

I want to go to most intelligent school like other kids but no one believes I can.

Everyday, knowing, growing up I must learn tolerance to people not knowing autistic me must face their taunts about wide lies spread about autism.

Ask doctors to treat dear dear autistics with respect

Respect from doctors remains elusive.  Feels like respect to people who don’t talk remains wished for. Doctors have disrespected me by holding my hands and speaking about me like I am not in the room. Doctors underestimate my intelligence. Doctors should start talking to me and start asking details regarding my illness to me. Doctors need lessons on empathy.

The lord is my tower

Believing in the Lord means total deliverance from goals set by man.

Man does not trust in the Lords ways, no evil rests in the Lord. He is a rock to lean on during my hard no learning period.

And He gives me the power of spirit to learn,  spirit of the Lord is great learning in me.
The Lord does great mighty good. Remember God means love listens to our problems. The Lord is my tower and loves me a lot.

I thank God that I am autistic because I go to Him knowing that love is skillfully in all of us.  Jesus is my only telling love. Like all of my life love like stops all of my fears.

Do you love the world or Jesus more. For Nevaiy only loves Jesus. Kill all worldly desires like wanting love from man, Jesus’s love is enough .  Love only the lord.

Teachers, homeschool and not going to school. (Part 1)

People do not question over going rest to rust questions. Teachers ape young westeners questions.

M: What has been your experience with teachers in school?
N: Don’t forsake autistic kids all the time. World questions queer towards quest . Expand writing over qwerty. Merge teaching over understanding of autistic zips all learning. (means) teahers should pass questions regarding autistic children before they become teachers.

M: Teachers think autistic children cant study or sit for long. Your comments.

N: I will say that teachers need to question whatever studies they have been exposed to and let in autistic adults to teach them understanding .
M: Can you talk about some negative experiences youve had in school.
N: But each teacher would not call me after questions were asked, could answer. Teachers questioned nevaiys ability to learn and to ask did i know master studies.

M: Who has been your favourite teacher?
N: Caryn.

M: Why is she your favourite teacher?
N: She best learned about absorbed knowledge about autism and asked mama to start learning about expanding possibility, about starting to believe in me, to give me a chance. Knowledge question start reservations with regard to autism -means knowledge questions learning about autism and what autistics very much can achieve and question hope for love everyday .

About going to peoples houses

Do do let  me sit all alone for sometime please by myself so that i can question over whether i can sit on the sofa with everyone. Only angry faces burn in the house with me, no house welcomes me to sit.

M:what can people do to make you feel welcomed?
Nevaiy: People should try and respect when i am shouting and ask me what is bothering me and respect me.

M: How do people know when you’re ready to come out?
N: Start talking to me and ask me everything is all right.

M: What triggers the shouting?
N: The zebra fish and questions like for dogs start asking what better questions over again ask servants do they do that to do. (MEANS) Do the people ask questions do they ask love go to doctor for no diagnoses .

M: People dont know how to react when you’re shouting. Comments.

N: When i’m shouting let me joyously shout to tell everyone that i am happy .

M: What can be done to help you be a part of everyone during parties?

N: To help me, wrestle questions like where are you going to school and ask me to sad what makes you what questions over.
M: What do you mean by “only angry faces burn in my house”?
N: I mean by that only angry faces greet me where ever i go and questions ask me where should I again disappear to and should i sit inside .

To respect Nevaiy

(To help with structure this post is done in a Q n A format. The answers are wholly and awesomely his -Nevaiys mum)

Q: Why do you talk about respect so much?

Nevaiy: Understand that I want possibilities like other children to participate in doing everything with possible respect. Respect is important to me.

Q: How do you define respect?

N: Respect with understanding my perspective on understanding the world.

Q: How do you understand the world?

N: To me the world is very hostile to me. To understand what it is like open perspective to understand stimming and perspective on sensory assault.

Q: Can you explain what is stimming?

N: Stimming means to calm Nevaiy in hostile environments that cause continued stress

Q: Can you name a few stims?

N: To spin handis and to switch on the taps



Thoughts in Nevaiy

I remember all that  happened over the years. No respect over most people, means people not respected me in school.

To respect me open learning to everything I give respect: learning of love of fans and love of god.

To respect Nevaiy and not leave him over mundane things like throwing and not talking.

Love Nevaiy wholly.

Respect stimming over to patience.