To respect Nevaiy

(To help with structure this post is done in a Q n A format. The answers are wholly and awesomely his -Nevaiys mum)

Q: Why do you talk about respect so much?

Nevaiy: Understand that I want possibilities like other children to participate in doing everything with possible respect. Respect is important to me.

Q: How do you define respect?

N: Respect with understanding my perspective on understanding the world.

Q: How do you understand the world?

N: To me the world is very hostile to me. To understand what it is like open perspective to understand stimming and perspective on sensory assault.

Q: Can you explain what is stimming?

N: Stimming means to calm Nevaiy in hostile environments that cause continued stress

Q: Can you name a few stims?

N: To spin handis and to switch on the taps




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