About going to peoples houses

Do do let  me sit all alone for sometime please by myself so that i can question over whether i can sit on the sofa with everyone. Only angry faces burn in the house with me, no house welcomes me to sit.

M:what can people do to make you feel welcomed?
Nevaiy: People should try and respect when i am shouting and ask me what is bothering me and respect me.

M: How do people know when you’re ready to come out?
N: Start talking to me and ask me everything is all right.

M: What triggers the shouting?
N: The zebra fish and questions like for dogs start asking what better questions over again ask servants do they do that to do. (MEANS) Do the people ask questions do they ask love go to doctor for no diagnoses .

M: People dont know how to react when you’re shouting. Comments.

N: When i’m shouting let me joyously shout to tell everyone that i am happy .

M: What can be done to help you be a part of everyone during parties?

N: To help me, wrestle questions like where are you going to school and ask me to sad what makes you what questions over.
M: What do you mean by “only angry faces burn in my house”?
N: I mean by that only angry faces greet me where ever i go and questions ask me where should I again disappear to and should i sit inside .


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