The lord is my tower

Believing in the Lord means total deliverance from goals set by man.

Man does not trust in the Lords ways, no evil rests in the Lord. He is a rock to lean on during my hard no learning period.

And He gives me the power of spirit to learn,  spirit of the Lord is great learning in me.
The Lord does great mighty good. Remember God means love listens to our problems. The Lord is my tower and loves me a lot.

I thank God that I am autistic because I go to Him knowing that love is skillfully in all of us.  Jesus is my only telling love. Like all of my life love like stops all of my fears.

Do you love the world or Jesus more. For Nevaiy only loves Jesus. Kill all worldly desires like wanting love from man, Jesus’s love is enough .  Love only the lord.


2 thoughts on “The lord is my tower

  1. His love is enough. He is King of kings. He truly is my ROCK. He sees me through day to day. Thank you for your post, with much love, thank you.


  2. 🙂 sweet … keep telling. Most of the world is so busy and heavily programmed that this will take time for the awareness that you are sharing to sink in. Thanks so much for sharing your connection.


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