Thoughts in Nevaiy

I remember all that  happened over the years. No respect over most people, means people not respected me in school.

To respect me open learning to everything I give respect: learning of love of fans and love of god.

To respect Nevaiy and not leave him over mundane things like throwing and not talking.

Love Nevaiy wholly.

Respect stimming over to patience.


20 thoughts on “Thoughts in Nevaiy

  1. Hey Nevaiy..
    I really liked Your blog.. Please keep posting more, would like to read more of your stuff 🙂
    Take Care and Happy Blogging 🙂


  2. Dear nevaiy, really godbless and give u more strength to grow and grow and have good future god is there with you. Liked very much your thought and expecting more. Lovely parents you have always supportive lovable. Takecare dear.


  3. Nevaiy u have really written the great words filled with lot of love, dignity and most deserving self respect. It requires lot of courage to come up with this attitude.
    Cheers Nevaiy 🙂


  4. this is beautifully written, just love this perspective, thanks so much for sharing these thoughts. looking forward to more, excited to see this very wonderful blog, take care Nevaiy!


  5. Dear Nevaiy,
    Your mother is my friend and I am so thankful she told me about your blog. I feel very blessed to read your words. Through your words I can see that God is giving you strength and confidence in the face of challenges. And for that, you have my admiration and deepest respect. Thank you for writing!


  6. Hey Nevaiy great!!! Im so happy to read your post. God has created each of us. We all are unique. Your words are inspiring .Nice thoughts. Wish to read some more post. Continue the good work. God bless you Nevaiy.Great……….


  7. Dear Nevaiy,

    Through the years of seeing you grow up I always knew that the Lord was leading you on. This blog is the beginning of the manisfestation of Gods work in you. I am proud of you and your mother who is your source of strength and hope after the Lord. I truly believe that God alone knows the plans he has for you. I continue to walk in faith as His mighty works unfold in you and through you. You have touched my life in more ways than you know. I love you and always will.


  8. Hey nevaiy!!

    I absolutely LOVED your post!
    You convey your thoughts so beautifully!
    Waiting for more..
    Keep singing, keep writing!
    Awesome job!


  9. This is beautifully written.

    When I feel that other people respect me I like myself better. You’re right, respecting an Autistic person means respecting autistic traits like stimming or not talking.


  10. Hi Nevaiy , i enjoy reading every single word that you write because I know it is full of meaning. I learn so many things from you(even though you may not know it) and I treasure that.Please keep writing , you are touching many lives with your words.


  11. Respect is very much your right
    One that comes through love not might
    When you find they are rude or demanding
    Just forgive them, it’s a lack of understanding

    Keep writing
    The more we hear
    The less we fear


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