Teachers, homeschool and not going to school. (Part 1)

People do not question over going rest to rust questions. Teachers ape young westeners questions.

M: What has been your experience with teachers in school?
N: Don’t forsake autistic kids all the time. World questions queer towards quest . Expand writing over qwerty. Merge teaching over understanding of autistic zips all learning. (means) teahers should pass questions regarding autistic children before they become teachers.

M: Teachers think autistic children cant study or sit for long. Your comments.

N: I will say that teachers need to question whatever studies they have been exposed to and let in autistic adults to teach them understanding .
M: Can you talk about some negative experiences youve had in school.
N: But each teacher would not call me after questions were asked, could answer. Teachers questioned nevaiys ability to learn and to ask did i know master studies.

M: Who has been your favourite teacher?
N: Caryn.

M: Why is she your favourite teacher?
N: She best learned about absorbed knowledge about autism and asked mama to start learning about expanding possibility, about starting to believe in me, to give me a chance. Knowledge question start reservations with regard to autism -means knowledge questions learning about autism and what autistics very much can achieve and question hope for love everyday .


One thought on “Teachers, homeschool and not going to school. (Part 1)

  1. Dearest Nevaiy,
    Your views of school and education are now reaching people all over the world. I hope colleges and training centres incorporate your idea about ‘ passing questions on autistic children’. High five to you!!!

    Thank you for having faith in what your family and I decided as goals for you. Look how far we have come!

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